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General information of Oracle9i Lite  Oracle proposes Oracle9i Lite is a relational database with a footprint from 50 KB to 1 MB (depending on the platform). It runs under Windows CE, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Palm OS

General information of DB2 Everyplace  DB2 Everyplace is an off-line single-user relational database with a footprint of 180 KB that provides local store on mobile devices. It is available for Palm OS, Symbian OS, Windows CE,

General information of Sybase SQL Anywhere Sybase SQL Anywhere is a relational database system proposed by Sybase iAnywhere for mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones. It supports normal operating systems such as Unix,

Compared with traditional transactions, mobile transactions have some special characteristics because of limitations of mobile phones, constrains of mobile environments, and the manner in which people use mobile phones.   The lifetime of a mobile

The rapid evolution of mobile phones leads to a new trend in the use, design and development of enterprise information systems. New generation mobile phones, such as, PDAs, BlackBerrys, Smartphones, and iPhone, already got a

Each mobile phone is normally thought of a single-user device and the management of mobile business data is local to the mobile phone. However, all mobile phones are clients of the backend system and build

Push is one of topmost demands for mobile users. For a mobile user, push means that the server actively sends data to his mobile phone. Most of time when push is mentioned, people only focus

In recent years, with the rapid evolution of mobile technologies, more and more people begin to consider moving traditional business applications to mobile devices. It seems that the appearance of PDA, BlackBerry, Smartphone, and iPhone