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As of SAP enhancement package 3 (SP03) for SAP CRM 7.0, the Interaction Center (IC) utilizes ABAP Push Channel (APC) fordetail information on APC refer to blog http://scn.sap.com/community/abap/connectivity/blog/2013/11/18/websocket-communication-using-abap-push-channels. When the APC is active, the server

So far, no direct search for outbound SAPoffice e-mails sent from the Interaction Center (IC) was supported in the agent inbox in IC. Agents could only indirectly search for outbound e-mails by opening business transactions

The use of ERMS (E-Mail Response Management System) is well established for rule-based handling of e-mails that are sent to a contact center or help desk. Mails are usually routed to teams of agents who

The SAP CRM interaction center (IC) can be connected to external communication management software (CMS) systems that provide communication integration such as telephony, email, fax, and chat. Some of these systems have limits regarding the

You can integrate your SAP Interaction Center through a CMS (Communication Management Software) with the telephony system of you call center. This enables your agents to handle the most important steps of the communication processes

In Interaction Center (IC) scenarios, the integration between the IC agent’s browser session and the external communications management software (CMS) relies on the communication session located on the SAP CRM server. The communication session (formerly

In his blog SAP CRM Interaction Center: A hitchhiker’s guide from a process perspective  Carsten Busch explained the three main types of processes involved in the interaction center in a generic way: “These three processes

Accounting Interaction Center: CRM 7.0 based Demo Video   In the blog Accounting Interaction Center: a new flavor of the CRM Interaction Center and Financials Shared Services I had introduced the option to configure the

How to use a Reference Business Partner in your Interaction Center B2C Scenarios If you want to run a business to consumer (B2C) scenario one of the challenges is the efficient maintenance of huge numbers

A new Interaction Center Sales Option in CRM 2007 John Burton and Henning Duerholt had outlined a while ago different options for sales order capturing in the CRM interaction center: 5 Ways to Handle Sales