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ISSUE: Java EE gets adopted by Eclipse. More info: LINK. SAP’s stance: The announcement of Oracle to handover stewardship of Java EE to the Eclipse foundation is a forward-looking process targeting future releases of the

Purpose   The purpose of this document is help in cases where the JAVA Dispatcher/ ICM (Internet Communication Manager) leads to erroneous situations and more detailed investigation is needed.   The SAP Application Server JAVA

    CONTENT MOVED TO MORE DETAILED WIKI https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/ASJAVA/Common+SSO+%28AS+JAVA+to+AS+ABAP%29+issues%2C+solutions+and+further+troubleshooting     Purpose   Here at SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) we constantly receive issues from our customers related to Single Sign On (SSO) between

Purpose The purpose of this document is help in searching for specific content in the SAP Netweaver Application Server JAVA for more information on a particular J2EE application. This can be a very tedious affair

  NOTE   Check SAP KBA 1715441 , SAP KBA 2462712  and SAP KBA 2553568 before commencing any undeployment activity.   **************************************************************************************************************************** NOTE: Undeployment operations as such are not supported and should be used only in cases where the SAP Basis

When an Administrator tries to import any X.509 certificate like *.pfx, *.cert, *.key etc. in the Visual admin “Key Storage” service, the operation fails with the below error: “com.sap.engine.services.keystore.exceptions.BaseParameterException: Cannot perform operation – character [‘ ‘]