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Hariharan Rajendran

Nowadays, i can see most of the freshers are joining into Business Intelligence technology side. It is a good sign. Those who are all want to learn SAP Business Objects, you can follow the below

We have many articles available to talk about performance tuning in HANA models and even so many articles for best practices too. This document something will deal about importance of building blocks (base views) and

In most of the cases end user will prefer to get user input screen before checking the report output, it is a place where user can filter their requirements from overall data. User input screen

SQL Script in SAP HANA SQL Console. Like in SQL Server, we have many features in SAP HANA as well. In SAP Console write a SQL statement and right click, you can see many options

We can add the HANA Live views in UDT by adding HANA connection. Normally views will be stored in_SYS_BIC schema. Step 1: Create a HANA Connection with JDBC driver Step 2: Choose JDBC drive and

In some cases we need to add function module in universe and need to join with tables to get certain results in webi report. Basically function modules will be available in ECC system. We can

In BO, we need to setup a user selection screen for most of the reports where user feed their input and based on the input value report will display the results. We can get the