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When I was asked “How can I measure my investments in TRM ?”, I didn’t know where to start. The answer is Portfolio Analyzer (FIN-FSCM-TRM-PA). Finding information on what it does and how to interpret

Document Description This is a document with tips for PMW file format configuration (DME). If you are looking for PMW Configuration, please take a look at DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1 sapnote 1788223  –

This document is for an explanation of SAP TRM Market Risk Analyzer – Net Present Value for Yield Interest Rate from the End User perspective. For configuration refer to Risk Analyzers | Gopa Kumar S

Hi,   SAP Effective Interest Rate is MS Excel XIRR function according to SAP Note 839381 . This document is how you can validate these two functions.   In the Excel attached (no macros) there

In this document we will analyze different functionality of Liquidty Planner 1. Create Query 2. Delete & Recreate Data 3. Liquidity Analysis 4. Structured Reports 5. List GL Accounts 6. Transfer Information from one client

Liquidity planning in the sense of Liquidity Planner is the medium term planning (usually covering one year) of incoming and outgoing payments (in other words actual cash flows) in the original currency. In the operative

Currency Hedging is the act of entering into a financial contract in order to protect against unexpected, expected or anticipated changes in currency exchange rates. Currency hedging is used by financial investors and business to

In SAP ERP EHP7, run S_ALN_01001154 and get the following message If you click on the message it gives an expanation about the message. The variant SAP&STANDARD is old for program AQZZ/SAPQUERY/T1CFM_POS_11==== . In order

In SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 it is possible to add new fields to FSCM-LP report so you have new dimmensions to analyze, ie: Profit Center. The new functionality is described in SAP Note 1826731 with