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Well, we observed that when comparing product allocation in APO, this report in APO tries to fetch also the documents prior to the initialized period of the product allocation planning area, and accordingly creates some

Product Split: The explanation, with no doubt, is more detail at SAP help. Quick points to remember (also there in SAP Help): This is basically used to replace the demand of one product to another

You have a subcontracting purchase info record in ECC (ME13), and you transfer it via the integration model – you will then have in APO: the external procurement relationship, the product-specific t-lane from the vendor

We recently upgraded from service pack 8 to 11 for SCM 7.02, and have observed that the description of location is seen missing in many of our queries. Upon investigation, it is found that the

Let’s assume a sales order is created which is integrated with APO. The delivery date for the SO, say lies on some UTC + x time-zone (the customer [ship-to] location’s time-zone). As part of the

Well, let’s first see the mystery – you have the below content in the planning book currently which you have downloaded to a file: Figure 1 In the mean time let’s assume you have changed

Just wanted to share the behavior of CTM – comments/corrections are welcome 😉 I don’t want to explain more here – just would like to show to you in a simple manner. The only thing

Well, we all would have learnt of the note 1947530 which fixes the issue of double line entry creation of the PDS during the CIF in case the ‘validity from’ date of the production version

yes, you sometimes see a short dump in SMQ1/SMQ2 but ignore it assuming it as one-off case. But note – each one has a reason, and we should police each abnormal behavior 😛 . Let’s

Well, this is very old for all APO guys out there – the procurement priority of the PDS is set to thirteen 5’s (5555555555555) if the corresponding production version is locked in APO and if