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Grzegorz Glowacki

There are times in a project when you have to copy an existing solution from one system to another. Or you develop a solution in a sandbox instance, that has no connectivity to other systems

When posting the first part of my description of BOR objects use in IDoc scenarios, I promised a continuation for outbound IDocs, so here it comes. However, I’m not going to focus on the “regular”

Every time you create a custom IDoc receiver scenario, you have to take care of a few technical things related to IDoc communication. First of all, you have to create the IDoc structure manually, with

The more I work with graphical mappings in PI, the more I get convinced that the queues & contexts concept is one of the most difficult things to understand there. This is also confirmed by

Recently I have met a requirement to develop a receiver Business Connector IDoc scenario with SAP PI. As I have never used BC Adapter so far, I tried to find some step-by-step blog, wiki or

The sender SOAP adapter authentication for SOAP sender scenarios in SAP PI is one of the most widely-discussed topics in the Process Integration SDN Forums. Recently I had a closer, technical look at this topic.

Very similar question was asked several times in the SDN Forum by different users over the past few weeks, and in my opinion it was never answered in a satisfying manner. The scenario was: I

So many times I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, when developing an integration scenario. The reason was that I have found a BAPI that perfectly matched my requirements, but

Have you ever had to execute an RFC-enabled function module from outside the SAP system, for instance from a custom-developed Java application? If so, then for sure you already know the SAP JCo (SAP Java

Working with a custom IDoc scenario once, I have noticed a strange IDoc behaviour of IDoc segments that contain fields longer than 132 characters. First of all, I developed the whole scenario without problems when