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Let’s take a look at Nominal interests flow. When you use other capital changes possibilities, for example, credit repayment (flow 1110 “Decrease”), Nominal interest flow is doubled. When an interest rate of a credit changes,

File interface is similar to Datafeed, but here we will use files instead of connection to internet. All cutomizing will be done following this path: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Financial Supply Chain Management ->

Now when we made configuration for Data feed (TRM Market Data Management: Datafeed: Configuration.), we can process market data. We can process market data in two ways: Manually. Automatic. Manual. All transaction we can find

Using Datafeed we can upload Market data into SAP automatically from different Market data providers. I want to show you an example how you can use Datafeed. Input data I have a web site of

In this series of articles, I would like to tell you how to manage Market data: how to create it, how to upload it and how to use it. Datafeed: Configuration Datafeed: Processing market data

We learned from previous articles how we can manage such account assignments as Fund, Grant and Functional area inside Treasury transactions. But Public Sector Management has other account assignment master data: Commitment Item Funds Center

Sometimes we need to create Financial Transaction automatically using such instruments as business objects (tr. SWO1) and function modules (tr. SE37), etc. For example, business object BUS5550 “Interest Rate Instrument” has method to create transaction.

Sometimes there are situations when we need to chagne Business partner in our financial transactions. Such situations may arrise when: Initial Business partner went bunkrupt. And there is other Business partner who took over the

Investment pools that are established at institutions, such as universities, are used to manage cash donations or other assets. The revenue earned from the investment of these funds represents a secure and long-term financial source

We reassign account assignment objects to distribute cash resources from financial transactions between Funds or Grants. This does not affect the transaction data or business partner data. The following functions are available: We can transfer