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Earlier this year SAP commissioned my team at EV Technologies to create an independent benchmark, the first in a series, in an effort to demonstrate how SAP Lumira works under different workload scenarios. Like any

Last year at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, we held the inaugural 5K Fun Run/Walk. If you missed it, you’ll get another chance! The 5K Fun Run/Walk is coming back for another lap at SAP TechEd

Recently my good friend, fellow ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor, Sue Keohan, challenged me to a fundraising contest to celebrate our shared birthday, August 10th. I answered her challenge, but so far, Sue is beating

Go ahead. I know what you’re thinking. It’s okay. I feel that way too. “SUCKER” must be written right across my forehead. Yesterday, my good friend, fellow SAP Mentor and ASUG Volunteer Extraordinaire, Sue Keohan,

Okay Data Geeks, Weather data has always fascinated me. If I had my way, I’d have my own weather station on top of my house collecting petabytes of weather data, and a HANA server in

Gamification has been a big buzzword around the SCN community for a couple of years now. It is really just starting to gain traction on SCN itself in a substantial way. I enjoy it myself

Have you heard about Sensoria Smart Socks yet? Probably not. Let me explain what they are and why I am so excited about them. Before I start, let me be 100% clear, I do not

We sat down with our pal Jon Reed to talk about all the stuff we’re looking forward to at conference next week. Head on over to DSLayer.net to snag a direct download, or you can

There’s no question. Information Technology (IT) is changing humanity. In many ways, for the better. But in many more ways, for the not-so-much-better. I find myself increasingly focused on the human aspects of technology these

SAP Analytics customers have a new way to purchase products, and SAP has a clever way to get us kids to eat our vegetables (so to speak). Eric, Jamie, and I sat down with Jayne