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When you build a data center you look for a location in a safe but accessible area.  You don’t typically choose locations next to chemical plants, high crime areas and you don’t advertise with your

Sometimes you have an idea that resonates with others but you do not realize the complete requirements until you have exactly what you asked for.  Such is the case when GRC Access Control 10 was

You would not be surprised to hear that another retailer had been hacked and information about many customers was compromised.  We hear this kind of information several times per year sensationalized in the media.  As

For over 15 years I have worked for multiple companies that run their business on SAP software.  In each of these companies requirements have dictated that additional custom tables are required to extend SAP functionality

What is influence?  Do I have influence? How can one customer make a difference?  Is SAP really listening to my requirements?  These are all questions that you may have.  Speaking from experience, you do have

Having worked for multiple companies with SAP applications, I have consistently found that many security analysts are very careful when maintaining standard transaction authorization objects.  However, when they develop roles for remote connectivity to support

We all have high expectations to reduce risks in our SAP environments.  The objective which we chose to take was to get clean and stay clean.  Management has further decided to track our every move

In Atlanta, The Varsity Restaurant asks thousands of times per day, “What’ll Ya Have?”  How often have you heard SAP ask you what you wanted?  What do you customize?  What is missing from the solution? 

You are passionate about making SAP all it can be.  You provide feedback through SAP messages, entering functionality improvements in Idea Place, participate in Customer Connection sessions,  work with your user group to influence specific

Have you ever looked for all open requests for a specific approver in GRC Access Control 10?  If you wanted to search for the requests pending with the approver Waldo, you would become frustrated if