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In my TOGAF learning series – Part 1: Introduction to TOGAF of TOGAF learning series I introduced Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF, objective of this blog series is to explain TOGAF concepts in brief and precise manner for

Introduction Definition Enterprise Architecture’s history is 23 year old when John Zachman first introduced the word “Information System Architecture” which later renamed to “Enterprise Architecture” (Refer section: Zachman Framework). There are numerous definitions available for

What is OSIMM? As per OpenGroup “The Open Group SOA Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) provides consultants and IT practitioners with a means to assess an organization’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) maturity level. It defines a

I did TOGAF 9.0 certification last month (May 2010) and yes I didn’t attend any course but since last several month I was also spending lot of time understanding TOGAF 9 so it was smooth sailing

In my previous blog: Estimation using FP (Funtion Point) for XI? , I discussed why it is not possible to use Function Points and we need to tweak function points a bit for accurate estimation.

Read about function points: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Function_point_analysis Recommended reading: www.dpo.it/resources/papers/1999-fesma-fpestmet-en.pdf Estimation of XI/PI projects (or any other project) is big challenge and this is very common fact that most of software projects overrun budget and schedule due

Refer to blog XI : Configuring CCMS Monitoring for XI- Part I for how to configure CCMS for XI Refer to SAP Help for information on CCMS and Security alerts: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/en/01/3ade372d2fc227e10000009b38f8cf/frameset.htm   In this blog

For reprocessing of error messages refer to The specified item was not found. Our SAP XI sandbox is troubling us for quite few days and it results lot of error messages and I was asked

Few days’ back I saw post in forum for shortcut to find number of interfaces in XI (he is counting interface manually), answer was very simple; count entries in table SMPPREL3, in this table you can find

Recently we implemented SP19 for my client and one of the exciting features of SP19 is message editing (Enhanced Message Monitoring). Anyone who has required authorization can edit payload and header data of message.  Intention