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I hope If you have reached here, You should have some idea about cors by now. While working on UI5 , if we want to call a let’s say oData or XSJS service. It is

Introduction The oData annotations that tell which of the OData properties contain e.g. a phone number, a part of a name or address, or something related to a calendar event or an analytic query. This

Introduction  The present version of UI5: 1.46.10 have 226 controls with different properties. But when we develop our application, sometimes we reach a point where the properties available for a certain control lags in fulfilling

Introduction: In this blog, I will tell how to create basic annotation, odata service which will hold the annotations and then consume it into a smart template application. Creating service to read data form table

Hello guys, I was working with  line-chart. While creating the chart i wanted to use filters. I tried lot of techniques and found this way to solve the Filtering issue. Point to be noted is