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The July 1st Postal Bulletin contains a few updates to the DMM and the IMM (International Mail Manual), however, none of these updates directly affect Postalsoft Presort, DeskTop Mailer or Business Edition. Most closely applicable is

Today’s PB contains several DMM revisions of interest.  Not-Flat Machinable Pieces  The timeframe for the Not Flat-Machinable (NFM) category of Standard Mail is extended beyond the original May 2010 expiration date. When the NFM classification

The Postal Service has extended the cut-off date to support Confirm-based Pre-shipment Notification, (Electronic Mailing Data or EMD files) from March 14th to May 14th, 2010. After May 14th, the USPS plans that EMD files

The Mailer ID is an important component of the Intelligent Mail Barcode and is used to identify Mail Owners and/or Mailing Agents. Postalsoft Presort has multiple methods for which to set the Mailer ID for