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  Top 5 reasons to attend Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, Texas March 5-8 The Gartner Data and Analytics Summit  is just a few weeks away.   SAP  will be there and we hope to see you there as well! 

The SAP Jam virtual bootcamp provides an opportunity for SAP partner presales, sales, and/or implementation consultants to gain an in-depth understanding of the SAP Jam product portfolio through a mixture of webinars delivered via SAP

When integrating SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer with SAP Jam Collaboration there are standard filters used when viewing objects such as Opportunities and Service Tickets.     For Opportunities, standard examples include:  Latest Opportunities, High Value Opportunities,

*** Announcement *** In Q1 2016, SAP Jam Collaboration introduced support for SAP Cloud Identity as the user identity provider and management service for all customers not using other SuccessFactors solutions. This makes implementation easier

When integrating SAP Jam and SAP Cloud for Customer, it was previously required to use SuccessFactors Foundation for user storage and provisioning. Now SAP Cloud Identity can be used.    Here is a webinar on using

Recently a colleague provided the following scenario: The colleague is in a marketing organization and marketing has several external agents/companies with whom the marketing group works and collaborates.   They have an external group setup where

Last update:  Feb 23, 2016 If you are getting started with SAP Jam development and also interested in discovering how integration to other SAP cloud applications work, be sure to check out the SAP Cloud

Updated:  Feb 23, 2016 Recently I configured SAP Cloud for Customer  integration with SAP Jam.  In this blog I’ll share my experiences and provide a few tips.    I performed configuration for three scenarios: 1. Jam

I recently switched to the SAP Jam team within SAP and, of course, my first questions were around SAP Jam use with C4C.  In this blog I’ll explain why you might be interested in extending

Last Update:  May 16, 2016 I have switched teams within SAP from C4C to SAP Jam.  I am no longer involved in the certification or training.  For the “Look Who’s Certified” I have linked to