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Hi all, Check db process is usually running long and affecting performance. This procedure reads every database page from disk into memory and performs various consistency checks. In check mode, sp_iqcheckdb performs an internal consistency

Hi, As you know SAP Sybase IQ does not support the Adaptive Server data types UNIVARCHAR. But You can get the univarchar data from ASE using insert location statement. Here are steps to get the

1. Problem Unable to increase the value of IQGOVERN_PROIRITY option for an individual user. >> set option gjang.iqgovern_priority=1 [Error] Could not execute statement. Invalid setting for option ‘IQgovern_priority’ SQLCODE=-201, ODBC 3 State=”42000″ Line 1, column

1. Problem     The setup.bin hangs in the ‘Forking JAVA in launching installer’ stage.          [ How to debug]          – If you add the following to setup.bin, it shows that setup process

1. Problem   IQ became unresponsive due to cognos connection.   We can see many cognos client connections which are holding the cursor. 2. Cause   It may be caused by the queryReuse functionality in

1. Problem DBA user failed to execute a procedure with the following error message. [error message] – Msg 504, Level 11, State 0: SQL Anywhere Error -265: Procedure ‘sp_iqstatus’ not found 2. Cause If membership

1. Synonym in IQ? Are there any way to access to an object without knowing the owner of object in IQ16 like a synonym in Oracle? A synonym is an alternative name for objects such

1. Symptom    – In the SYSTAB system view, the ‘count’ column only has a row count for system tables.     According to IQ manual, count column means the number of rows in the table

When Installing IQ on Windows, the following Error is returned. [IQ_Suite.log] Installing Java Runtime Environment 6… Status: ERROR additional Notes: ERROR – ExecProcess: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified IQ is installed

1. Problem IQ failed to execute a select query with cast function via dbisql/dbiqlc. But It’s working well via isql. -> select CAST (’04/09/2015′ AS datetime) AS Converted_Date from iq_dummy; [Error]     Cannot convert ‘04/09/2015‘