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The rapid rate of digital transformation ensures that technology companies are in a prime position to plan for the future. These companies are at the very cutting edge of the link between new tech and

The world’s digital transformation is taking place before our eyes. Not only is the average consumer making greater use of technology, but businesses are changing the way they operate on an almost annual basis. Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has long been offering consumers advantages in many areas of life, from how they shop, eat, and generally tick daily tasks off the to-do list, to where they get advice. AI

With the economy and worldwide markets changing so much with every passing year, businesses are challenged to change their current models to stay relevant. And with The Fourth Industrial Revolution becoming increasingly likely, there are

Machine learning can help you to transition your business model while create a network effect. Machine learning can enhance your service delivery, but you also need to consider how you will maintain your forward momentum

Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience Enhancing your customer’s experience is an absolute necessity in the digital era of fierce competition for attention, views, and B2B (business to business) and consumer dollars. If you are not continuously

In the digital age, traditional ways of doing business are starting to fade into obsolescence. Conventional modalities, such as the long-established hierarchical delegations that tend to govern project management efforts, consume far too many resources

Business moves fast, and now that we’re in a digital age of transformation, it moves at the speed of now. Keeping up with that pace is critical if you want to attain a competitive edge.

As is always the case, the markets are constantly changing. And as change becomes more frequent and intense, organizations must increase the speed with which they adapt. Being slow to adapt is now a death

Managing a business network is never easy. If it was, everyone would be able to do it. The key to managing a business network is to empower the members within your network. While you are