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DB Refresh using HANA Studio DB Restore  with SID Modification –  NON SAPinst HANA Studios DB restore option and hdbuserstore there after makes the whole process of a  System copy a lot simpler . The

Process flow of Tivoli data protection for SAP HANA SAP recommends backup of data ,log volume and the configuration files. The backup can be taken locally to the disk or to external devices . For

In-Memory has been the buzz word in the SAP world for a while and a point of discussion when SAP consultants get together. While the focus on Big data  could have possibly reignited the In-Memory

Are you the one who wants to know the right questions to ask you potential cloud vendor? Are you a techie who wants to understand modern  Cloud architecture  and don’t know where to start ?

When I was talking about the need for automation and the importance of it to a group of SAP Consultants. A question popped up which was the idea behind this blog.. The Big question was

There are many instances of automation projects  where a particular process  is targeted  for  automation but  in the midway they  realize that the process needs  to be streamlined in the first place . This is

With this blog am kicking off a  series of blogs on Performance tuning  of the SAP application. Performance tuning is a favorite topic for SAP technical consultants.  I do believe that building performance tuning capability

We recently embarked on a SAP  solution manger upgrade for one of our esteemed customer . It’s a  customer with a complex heterogeneous landscape with applications running on varied OS and DB platforms  while at

Many  SAP projects have failed  due to reasons which could have been avoided  in the first place . The cost the company pays  will always be in terms of business impact affecting revenue and loss