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Gavin Heaton

Often when we talk about social media with business executives we are met with the kind of reaction that Forrester analyst Jeff Ernst describes – “[we are] are too old, too senior, and too busy

There is no doubt that the SAP TechEd events being held around the world are a feast – there are business and technical sessions, informal lectures, workshops and a host of activities that allow us

Ever since the Star Trek communicator hit our screens almost 40 years ago, mobile devices have been part of our cultural psyche. Back then a single device that we could use to communicate, monitor health

What began in Sydney a few years back as a local awareness raising effort of the World Wildlife Fund, has turned into a global phenomenon, capturing the imagination of politicians, citizens and celebrities. Earth Hour

Each year, bloggers from more than 100 countries come together and blog about a single important issue, and this year’s topic is clean water. The event includes thousands of blogs – including the White House

SAP TechEd 2010 in Las Vegas this year looks like it’s going to be a full schedule. There’s plenty of sessions to attend, people to meet and events to check out after a long day.

I have always had a thirst for knowledge. Even as a young child I devoured books – stories of pioneer explorers, how-to manuals, National Geographic magazines and novels. As I grew older I gravitated to

When you are trying to stand out from the crowd, sometimes you need to rethink your resume. For some of us, that means changing the font that we use or maybe the layout. But does

When we launched Learning on Demand by SAP, one of our objectives was to make SAP Education learning materials more readily available. We started with a core section of our eLearning course catalog, extended this

By this point in the year, most of us are settled into the rhythm of work. Vacations are behind us and those projects that promised to start in “early January” are bearing fruit. We are