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Introduction Back in August I completed this post looking at the general approach to setting up and managing your HANA Cloud Platform from a landscape perspective.  If you are trying to understand how to transition

Introduction In recent months, as more and more organisations are taking an interest in the broad capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, I’ve noticed an increase in people moving from the free trial accounts to

It’s that time in the year when me, my fellow UK SAP Mentors and our friends in the SAP world begin thinking about this year’s Inside Track event in the UK.  I’ve been involved with

How did I get here? Not too long ago, there was a discussion here on SCN that triggered me to respond with one of my usual longish answers…  On Designers & Developers Graham has posted

… create clean, self documenting, highly-performant, technical-debt free, non-redundant & re-usable code!) Sadly, The Beastie Boys couldn’t get anyone at their record label to sign off on this track and we had to suffer their

Intro. As usual, this post is a replacement for one of my long, rambling answers to someone’s discussion.  It started as a few lines of me berating the changing world we work in and grew

Some time back, I started a bit of a blogging journey with this post.  As I could have predicted at the time, it has taken me much longer to find space in my schedule to

What? The first SAP CodeJam in Liverpool, UK Where? Liverpool Open Labs When? Saturday 20th September 2014 9:00am – 4:00pm How? Register over on Eventbrite Some time ago, I posted this to my personal blog

What Am I Doing? This is another update in my quest of “Reaching Out” or indeed bursting the bubble, as originally suggested in DJ Adams‘ post here.  Lots of time has passed, as is invariably

Background Hardly a day goes by when I don’t come across someone posting on SCN about how they lost points, their content was rejected, they didn’t get points for a post, etc.  Each time I