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Ganesh Moorthy Duraisamy

Working with CSV Data If you are working with BI Automation Framework which is delivered as part of BI 4.2 SP05, you will notice that many standard task templates support input parameter values in CSV

This blog highlights the different ways in which you can provide input parameters in Automation Framework which is delivered as part of BI 4.2 SP05 While you create a scenario in Automation Framework, you can provide input values during design time

As part of BI4.2 SP05, you will find a new application called BI Administration Console which caters to the different needs of BI Administrators, Delegated Administrators and Developers. I am writing this to give you a short

This blog post highlights the concept behind Automation framework which is delivered part of BI 4.2 SP05. When we developed the Automation Framework, we knew that there is a little bit of learning curve required. So we would

Many times, creating a customer like mass data is a big challenge because of dependencies of data with one another, longer duration it takes for creation. Below table shows different methods been followed and challenges