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I would like to Share one of my experience where I felt BW can do wonders and can bring value to the customer. The below views are my personal view. During one of the BW

Hello All, Welcome to my Blog it Forward. Thanks to Dibyendu Patra for the BIF invite. Let me introduce myself. ME I was born and brought up in God’s own country, Kerala,India. If you have


Thanks for all for you comments and feedback for my first post  Accounts Receivables-A Walk Through Part1. Now having explained the functional aspect of AR in my last blog, I would like to detail on

Account Receivables is one of the most commonly used financial concepts in any organization. By definition Accounts Receivable (AR) means the amount a customer owes to a company for the goods or services provided by

Hello All The recently concluded SAP Teched bangalore showcased a very high focus on SAP Lumira and I also could attend some good session on SAP Lumira. Given below is my experiance with this beautiful

Every day in SAP is a new day and each day we take home a lot of learning. We learn new scenarios, face new challenges and thus find new solutions day in and day out.

Couple of day’s back I got a call from a Job consultancy regarding a job opportunity in a consulting firm. I usually respond to these calls by saying a clear ‘No’ but this time I

All industries are on look out of controling and reducing cost at all levels. Cost of poor quality (COPQ) becomes very relevant and substantial in this scenario, especially in manufacturing companies where the scope for reducing

After a year past implementation it was time to increase the effectiveness of the system. Quality managers who were now working on a strong framework of SAP QM wanted more and easy environment to deal