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by Dr. Gabriela (Gabby) Burlacu & Manish Tripathi   Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A young boy gets into a car accident with his father, but upon arriving at the hospital he encounters

Lyndal Hagar and Gabriela (Gabby) Burlacu    If your company had an issue with attracting, retaining, and developing a key source of talent, how confident are you that you could identify and address it? In

  We’ve all met a business leader who believes he or she can “read people”. Perhaps you’ve been one yourself. In many ways this is not surprising—the very same insight, intuition and vision that allows

“You can tell a lot about an organization’s culture by who gets promoted.” Peter Howes, Vice President of Workforce Planning and Analytics, SAP SuccessFactors Promotions are one of the most visible ways for companies to

  Have you ever felt like your company’s diversity program is failing to deliver on its promises? With all the media attention companies are receiving lately for their efforts to build diverse, inclusive workforces, it

By now you’ve probably heard that SAP SuccessFactors is investing significantly in helping our customers move their business beyond bias. But what does that mean? How can HCM technology help companies address a challenge they’ve

Organizations all over the world are increasingly being faced with a need to adapt, adjust, and proactively aim toward having more diverse, inclusive workforces. This pressure is coming from external sources, with service-oriented companies serving

You don’t have to search too long to find the top workforce priority for today’s organizations. It seems like diversity is everywhere these days, from the White House to the tech industry, with pledges to

Workforce diversity and inclusion are no longer nice-to-have elements of organizational culture. As the world’s population becomes increasingly diverse and the talent shortage continues to plague businesses, only the companies that are able to effectively

Will machines replace HR and managers when it comes to decisions about people? That’s the question at the crux of the Fortune article published yesterday, Wall Street is Betting on Software to Find Top Talent.