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When your employees talk to the people in their lives about their work, what stories do they tell? The truth is, your people encounter any number of challenges, resources, people, tasks, and events at your

The days of frustrating workplace technology are quickly coming to an end as we start to see more and more of the tools and technology we use in our everyday lives infusing the enterprise. For

The HR bots are coming! Conversational, technology-driven interactions between employees and human capital management solutions is no longer a far-fetched, future concept—the technology is here today, and it’s going to revolutionize how your people connect

Business leaders typically approach digital transformation by focusing on the variety of technologies and solutions available to them, but what truly shapes a company’s competitive advantage is rarely the technology they use. People are what

As we become increasingly surrounded by innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots, business leaders are ironically trying to find ways to make their companies more “human”. One of the key mandates of today’s

For many years workplace technology was focused on automating processes, rather than the people using it. But today’s business leaders know that tomorrow’s success depends on their people. And while the technology we use outside

The responsibility of driving business productivity through people rests squarely on the shoulders of Human Resources, who develop processes to attract, engage, and retain talent. But in our increasingly digital world, HR has also become

by Dr. Gabriela (Gabby) Burlacu & Manish Tripathi   Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A young boy gets into a car accident with his father, but upon arriving at the hospital he encounters

Lyndal Hagar and Gabriela (Gabby) Burlacu    If your company had an issue with attracting, retaining, and developing a key source of talent, how confident are you that you could identify and address it? In

  We’ve all met a business leader who believes he or she can “read people”. Perhaps you’ve been one yourself. In many ways this is not surprising—the very same insight, intuition and vision that allows