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Hello All, The basic idea of this document is to give a brief overview of BPF in unified model. The Business process flow in the unified model works in a very similar way compared with

Hello every one, This blog briefly explain the differences  and similarities between standard (formerly classic) and embedded (formerly unified) models. Standard version which for the people who are already using BPC 10.0 version Consolidation central

Hello Everyone, Continuation to previous blog: Master data loading from flat file (http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-63482), writing another blog on the same data loading topic, but this is not about loading about flat file. This is about the

Hello every one, The main intention of this document is what is procedure to load the master data from flat file.. it covers the only basic things and which will be helpful for the beginners

Hi All, This the analysis of population growth world wide, My blog explains the to ten countries current population and expected population in the future i.e 2050. Some small information related to population how it

The below figure differentiate the terminology between BPC 7.4 version and BPC 10.0 Version Environment An environment is the starting point to build models or applications in SAP BPC. Environments were called application sets or

Hi Every one, We have so many reporting tools and consolidation process are available in the market, But many of people are interested in SAP BPC. here I mention some of the advantages performing consolidation

Hi Folks, Some of us working on BPC, and some people showing interest to learn BPC, Their are some reasons. Their are so many reporting tools in market but what is specific reasons behind selecting

Hi Every one, Today you are going to know about Multi source reporting in BPC. Business scenario: We have data in different sources in order to combine those sources and see a reports in a

When you create new environments and models, only a small amount of data exists. Since the amount of data you maintain grows over time, we recommend you periodically run the optimize function to improve performance.