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Freeter Xie

It is a very common requirement to define attribute for a dimension when using BPC as a planning solution. In BPC standard model, we just need to add a new field in web admin, and

In BPC 10.1, two different models are supported: standard and embedded. For Embedded model, Analysis for Office (AFO) could be used as reporting tool, but the place we need to pay attention is the data

After migrating from BPC 7.5 NW to BPC NW 10/10.1, some customers found BPC users can’t trigger BW process chain, especially when tasks to interact with BW are involved. In next sections, I’ll give more

As we know, BPC NW version could collect statistics in transaction UJSTAT, which contains very detailed runtime information about a report or input form. Besides to help analyze the query performance bottleneck, it can also

When using EPM Add-in as the report tool for BPC NW version, the http compression can be used to reduce the network transfer time and improve the overall performance for reports. This setting is very

In order to test whether BW aggregation is used by BPC report, we set up a demo environment: It includes following dimensions, and storage type is PERIODIC.  Transaction data input through BPC Input Form, and