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I have always lacked the feature of eg apache where the web server generated an accesslog which I then could attach to an awstats server. But one day I decided to dig down to the

The key to get a high quality of the development in the production system is to make it just slow enough to encourage the testing and administration worth it. That is. The faster the changes

Three is not a crowd… but still the three system landscape is most likely the de facto standard when setting up SAP systems. What is good with this setup is that it really differentiates the

I have been working with SAP development for some years now. I have never worked as an ABAP or Java developer, but as a basis administrator or as the technical architect. Regardless of what role

This blog entry is inspired by the information found in this blog Embed an HTML landing page into your SAP GUI home screenand this thread Embedding an HTML landing page into your SAP GUI home