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With my SAP Data Hub connected to SAP Vora and Hadoop, I would like to leverage my respective SAP Data Hub Adapter with SAP Agile Data Preparation. To start with, I upgrade the environment from

After making the SAP Data Hub 1.0 SPS 03, trial edition work for me I leveraged this environment to send my Raspberry Pi sensor data to SAP Vora via Apache Kafka managed by the SAP

So far, I installed SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 on SUSE CaaSP, SAP Data Hub 1.2.1 on Microsoft Azure and SAP Data Hub 1.3.0 on the Google Cloud platform. Therefore, in this blog, I would like

If you like this blog please consider indicating this to other members of the community by pressing the like button above. Having deployed my SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime to the Google Cloud Platform manually

Previously, I installed the SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime on the SUSE Container as a Service Platform and the Microsoft Azure Container Service. In this blog I am attempting the same on the Google Cloud

In my previous blog Make your SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime work on the SUSE CaaS Platform I explained how to install the SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime on the SUSE CaaS Platform which is a validated

With my SAP Data Hub fully operational and monitored, I am now looking into its big data profiling capabilities. For this I use the same data set as in my SAP Agile Data Preparation Tutorial.

With my Complex Data Pipelines scheduled successfully on the SAP Data Hub, I want to monitor my SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime more closely running on my SUSE CaaS Platform. Luckily, the SAP Data Hub

In my previous blog, I leveraged the SAP Data Hub, developer edition as my SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime: This worked well to some extent, but is of course not a supported architecture. Therefore, I

18 month ago, I had been sending my first sensor data via a Raspberry Pi into the SAP Cloud Platform to analyse it with the SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services or measure it with the