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In a previous blog, I showed how to Leverage your SAP Data Hub Adapter with SAP Agile Data Preparation. This time, I would like to go a step further and demonstrate how to Leverage your

To connect my SAP Data Hub to the SAP Cloud Platform I leverage my SAP Cloud Connector to Configure a Service Channel for a HANA Database: Then I create a New System Type SAP HANA

After having installed SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 on SUSE CaaSP 2.0, I am wondering what difference there was installing it on SUSE CaaSP 3.0. To start with, the SUSE CaaSP 3.0 installer warns me, that

Having installed SAP Data Hub 1.4.0, I am of course intrigued to try the new Creating Flowgraph Tasks with the Task Assist feature. Therefore, I attempt to recreate my first SAP Data Hub Task Workflow.

To start with, the installation of SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 on an up-to-date SUSE CaaSP works so much smoother than installing SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 on SUSE CaaSP, SAP Data Hub 1.2.1 on Microsoft Azure or SAP Data Hub

With my SAP Data Hub connected to SAP Vora and Hadoop, I would like to leverage my respective SAP Data Hub Adapter with SAP Agile Data Preparation. To start with, I upgrade the environment from

After making the SAP Data Hub 1.0 SPS 03, trial edition work for me I leveraged this environment to send my Raspberry Pi sensor data to SAP Vora via Apache Kafka managed by the SAP

So far, I installed SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 on SUSE CaaSP, SAP Data Hub 1.2.1 on Microsoft Azure and SAP Data Hub 1.3.0 on the Google Cloud platform. Therefore, in this blog, I would like

If you like this blog please consider indicating this to other members of the community by pressing the like button above. Having deployed my SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime to the Google Cloud Platform manually

Previously, I installed the SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime on the SUSE Container as a Service Platform and the Microsoft Azure Container Service. In this blog I am attempting the same on the Google Cloud