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You can increase the security of your system landscape with the Trusted RFC concept (see Trusted Systems: Maintain Trust Relationships Between SAP Systems). This blog describes how Trusted RFC can be configured securely. Some well-known impacts of

This document was generated from the following discussion: Recommended Settings for the Security Audit Log (SM19 / SM20) This blog had started to give recommendations about settings for the Security Audit Log, but in the

I know, there are tons of discussions here on SCN about SAP_NEW but it still seems to be widely unknown how to use SAP_NEW correctly. Therefore I try to give a summary in this blog.

On https://service.sap.com/securitynotes -> News you can find a new spotlight news from 12.11.2013 about Security Notes concerning the SAP Router: Important security fixes for SAP Router; new malware variant This news refers to security notes

Let’s assume you run a project to encrypt all communication channels. It’s easy to enable servers to support encryption and to allow clients to choose about encryption even within a productive system landscape (despite the

I work a lot with Security Notes, RSECNOTE and the application System Recommendations, and of course the Note Assistent. Sometimes it’s difficult to download notes directly from SAPnet into SNOTE, e.g. like for the security

You find the same information in note 1749142 – How to remove unused clients including client 001 and 066 Introduction You have to secure any client even if it is not used. This includes the

You can start the SAP Solution Manager Work Centers in your browser using the transaction SM_WORKCENTER. (Transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER starts the same function within the SAPGUI.) It’s a nice idea to add this transaction to your

[This is a copy of the same page on Code Exchange on SDN which shuts down end of August 2013. Therefore, I move my projects here to SCN.] I work a lot with Security Notes,