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Todays blog is about the setup of the webide personal edition. There are some blogs out there, explaining how to setup it. In the meantime, the world did not stand still and I had my

Do you join Teched LV?   Today I want to share my agenda for SAP-Teched LV if I would be there. As an ABAPer I tried to put an agenda together which fits in that

As I have recognized that a lot of people using eclipse nowadays I thought talking a little bit how to get more out of it. Why do we need taskorientation? Here’s a quote from wikipedia:

  Today’s blog is about my trip to MWC17. I had the chance to take part as a coach for SAP to help 5 finalists to create their idea’s with HANA Cloud Plattform (errm.. I

It is getting a tradition to set up a room at our location Grafenrheinfeld to share knowledge and let developers get their hands dirty under the flag of SAP Codejam. In the past and also

What a headerline, isn’t it? Yes, that was also my first thought about it. To be clear here, that is not a technical blog or even you can get something related to SAP products out

It took me a while to recap the event this year. Didn’t expect that I have so less time during my parental leave *haha* 22th July 2016 As expected earlier really everybody is talking about

Hi all, it took me a while to finish this blog here because of a lot discussions why and moreover how to handle it. Anyway, that is just a sidenotice and I really appriciate your

Hi all, It’s time for the third Codejam Grafenrheinfeld. This time Andre Fischer will be our expert. Everybody is talking about Gateway and mobile use of data this is a hot topic, so join us

Hi all, as it is some time ago writing my last blog I thought it would be a good thing, to share something interesting for the holidays. So I’m not going to share some good