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Flavio Furlan

We in ABAP world used to have everything handy. Access some information in any table, SELECT and done. Update? Done. Use some global class, done. It’s not even necessary any “require” or “include” command. It’s

Inspired by the Ruby on Rails Active Record, I started to work on an idea to replicate the concept of Active Record in SAPUI5. This post it to present that idea to community and get

We are in the beginning of another year and it’s time to plan the new year ahead. I think it’s a very good time to share the methodology that I use when I decide to

I just reached the final credits of In-Memory Data Management (2014) – Implications on Enterprise Systems and I’d like to share my thoughts for each session. I won’t explain the content for each week (you

Finally we know the winner of the First ABAP Championship. Actually, four classes finished with same points. Some time ago, me and Fábio Pagoti release 1st ABAP Championship – Get ready!, where developers have the chance

(Portuguese version) I’m in the airplane flying back to home from SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2011 (or hashtag #sitsl for twitters). I was there together my fellows Marlo Simon and Maurício Cruz and, off

Sometime ago I published here in the SCN Weblogs the ABAP101 Projects to aim juniors ABAP developers get some experience through open source projects. In summary, we “hire” ABAP newbies to work in the open

I’m teaching ABAP for ABAPers wannabes since 2008 and in every project I had worked I tried to teach what I know and coach ABAPers 101 in the beginning of theirs careers. It brought me