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Filip Misovski

It’s the time of the year when customers, partners and enterprise software enthusiasts meet at event like SAPPHIRE to share the latest learnings, accomplisments and advancements driving their businesses and products forward. And over the last

SAP partners and customers are constantly provided choices of innovative technology and applications to drive business outcomes.  Sometimes these choices are confusing from the sheer naming down to perceived overlaps in functionality.  As we ramped

Customers and partners could attend last week one of the best conferences for the HR Line of Business taking place in Vienna and heralded by our colleagues from SAP SuccessFactors.  In the past years, the

Extensibility enables us to innovate in the cloud and bring world-class HR “Add-on” solutions to customers faster.  However, it is sometimes difficult for customers to understand the value of Extensibility when looking at their current

Imagine the following scenario: You are a CIO who relied on SAP ERP system to run for the last decade(s) and decided last year to embrace the cloud with SuccessFactors for your performance management needs

No it’s not a movie, although the title is inspired by the classic.  It is a reality that SuccessFactors and SAP teams jointly as one “family” have been working on together to make happen, and

When looking up the UI section in SCN, I stumbled upon an interesting overview graph created back in 2007 on an official page called Getting Started with UI Technology.  I remember very well this deliverable

Line-of-business leaders will become the driving force of enterprise service-oriented architecture.  In order to enable and accelerate this change, SAP is making the benefits of enterprise SOA more visible and tangible for business users.  The