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When asking the question “How can we be an innovative company?”, it may be more difficult than it appears to find the appropriate answer. This may be typical in the context of a large company

Application Architecture is one of these complex topics sustaining long conversations, with as many views as participants (sometimes even more). Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing, Everything As A Service, to cite just these have been

SCN is a great place for SAP professionals to share ideas, thoughts, tips and help, through forums, Blogs, whitepapers, Wiki, Idea Place, Code Exchange, and various other assets. It has always represented a great place

Besides the innovation brought to the SAP world with Mobility and RIAs over the 2009 – 2011 period, another major trend for this trinity is upgrades. Fact: 4.6C is running out of support soon and

During the last few months, on a recurrent fashion basis, there has been a topic surfacing every now and then as it hurts our business: planned downtimes. This said, all global companies, working round the

Branding seeks to increase the customer’s perceived value on your product or services. Marketing campaigns through all different channels (above the line, below or through the line) have always relied on mainly two factors to

No need to deny it. We have all gone mobile. We are addicted to our small devices and we are constantly carrying them with us and checking them permanently. Smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, mobiles. We have

Most business application consultants and experts have a high emphasis in one aspect of the solution (say finance, controlling, HR, CRM), sometimes, they even go to higher focus (marketing campaigns within the CRM) but very

With the advent of Web 2.0, web applications, thin applications and Software as a Service have lead to a fast development of Rich Internet Applications, in particular the user interface (UI) and usability. Whether they

Anne Thomas Manes published on the Burton Groups’s blog, a SOA obituary. According to her, this is mainly due to the high promises that deceived all CTOs that believed in SOA: more agility, lower costs