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Last week, after publishing the Earning “SAP Activate Project Manager” Certification blog, I was approached by many people asking about the additional resources available online which can be referred to learn and use SAP Activate.

Last Friday, finally I managed to take and pass the SAP Activate Project Manager certification exam. I’m happy for two reasons; to have my previous qualification, i.e. SAP Associate Project Manager (C_PM_70), upgraded, and to

Keeping the end-user documentation up-to-date in a SAP Support Environment is a challenge which many find difficult to address. It requires specialized set of skills and dedicated effort. In my Post Go-Live Knowledge Management blog,

In addition to having a Technical Support team to assist the end-users with using the SAP (and other IT) Solutions without any hindrance, an organization also needs a comprehensive ITSM system. The reason of having

From Internet to Internet of Things My children wonder to hear that my childhood was internet-free. They just can’t believe that I was first connected to the world wide web during my University days, approximately

We all, in a way or another, are sellers and buyers of one or other types of products or services. Good Customer Experience is preference of both, the beneficiary as well as the supplier, which

I’m not fond of keeping a cellphone with latest features, however, the one I’ve now does provide some of commonly-used apps which I use to stay connected with people in my circle. When I decided

In a typical Technical Support model, there are specific roles to handle different aspects of Solution Support, from incident & problem management to implementing change requests, and as such the Head of the Support Function

Are you among those who think they were hired for a particular job but were later entrusted with other tasks and are now evaluated for work beyond their core expertise, which isn’t fair? If your

I do what others don’t The title of the blog refers to the description some employers use in their job adverts. And the first line is about the experience some candidates say they have & mention