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Fabio Almeida

Machine translation usage is increasing a lot at SAP and has many applications. Now, it is also becoming a reality for SAP Notes and Knowledge Base Articles in the main channel of Product Support: The SAP ONE Support

Years ago, a friend of mine, gave me a gift that represented this expression ‘Old is Gold’. It is a Hindi proverb and, if I understood properly, it means that ‘we should not neglect our

As DT Coach, I am always trying to create/use innovate ways to make warm ups and group dynamics. I’d like to share two of them that I like the most: “Humor Collection” and “Rolling Chairs”.

Leading a local PMO, I am always willing to use Design Thinking in the Initiation and Planning phases of our projects. In 2014, we deep dived in Design Thinking also using the methodology to create

Well, maybe this is not usual but this was feasible, desirable and viable in our recent experience. This year, a new initiative to foster collaboration among Support Consultants was launched at Product Support of SAP

Besides Design Thinking coach, I am also Project Manager at Product Support of SAP Labs Latin America. Since 2013, I have had many opportunities to implement DT techniques in my projects and run DT sessions

We have created and conducted a program called Customer Care Advanced Mentoring in Product Support at SAP Labs Latin America. For the first time we combined Design Thinking techniques + training session in classroom +

Material document duplication is an usual issue faced by many customers when posting goods issues at SAP System. In particular, I faced this case many times. In a case where you have duplicate material documents

Interacting with many different customers along last 12 years of experience, I noticed there are recurrent issues when using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to post goods receipt. One example is to receive stock in transfer via BAPI by

In my experience as MM Support Consultant, I faced many customers reporting poor performance issues in transaction MIGO when posting goods movements. A common cause of poor performance in MIGO is due to a “COMMIT