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Introducing To continue my last blog we will cover now the necessary steps on SAP Cloud Platform IoT service to get our data from the “SigFox” network. From a architecture side we´ve a little different approach as

Introducing to Sigfox: Sigfox is a global (Low Power Wide Area) provider. The Sigfox network operate in the 100 kHz of publicly available band to exchange radio messages over air. Each message is 100 Hz wide and

In contrast to my first blog we deal now how we can use the API´s from the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Service. Here u can found the complete series abbout the scenario: Connect

In the first blog of my litte SAP Cloud Platform IoT service series we´ve seen that we have two options to connect to IoT service. IoT Gateway Cloud IoT Gateway Edge In this blog i

Ok, Craig has already blogged about the funny AWS IoT Button and how we can integrate this in our SAP (hxe) world. But anyway for me as an SAP CP Integration fan and a guy

Introducing: Based on this blog and an upcomming customer project it was necessary to try out how we can use the SAP Cloud Connector with SAP Cloud Platform Integration. An i know there a for sure