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Introducing Last week i´ve started reading some good blogs how u can use the SAP Mobile Cards to build up an micro app. Please check for this also the blogs from Former Member here: Build a mobile

Introducing I got the chance to be part of the beta program for (thx to Boris Zarske and team) SAP Transport Management Service (TMS) for SAP Cloud Platform. Therefor this is a closed beta, as commented below

Introducing In the last blog we´ve seen how we can using a node js “proxy app” to get access via basic auth to the OData services from SAP Cloud Platform IoT Application Enablement (AE). Pleas

To continue the entire blog series about SAP Leonardo Foundation: 1 Getting started with SAP Leonard ML Foundation on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry 2 SAP Leonardo ML Foundation – Retraining part1 3 SAP Leonardo

Introducing In the Prevoius blog we´ve started the “Retraining” functionality which is availbel with SAP Leonardo ML Foundation on top of SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Environment. In this blog we will continue this by

Introducing To continue the story from the last blog, were we get started how to get access to SAP Leonardo ML Foundation. And which steps are requierde to get allowed to call the API´s. 1 Getting

Introducing In this blog i want to cover a little “hands on” how to enable an configure SAP Leonardo ML Foundation at your SAP Cloud Platform Acc. for the Cloud Foundry Environment. Please haave also