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You may have noticed with 2018.07 release that SAP Analytics Cloud now supports the “Universal Display Hierarchy” setting that is defined in the BW Query. This applies to live connections to SAP BW. What is

Good morning. I see there are some questions on where to find the BW Data Acquistion connector, once Lumira Desktop 1.27 is installed. No worries, it is not a product bug. But I do require

Hello. Last blog for the day! In Part 2 of my blog, we spent time diving into the capabilities of acquiring data from a BW system. I also did include some handy links on supported

Hello again! In my last blog (link to Part 1), I introduced the new BW data connector in Lumira 1.27 which allows users to access their data via the BEx queries. You saw a quick

Hello everyone! SAP Lumira 1.27 is on its way to you soon. With that, I’d like to share some long awaited news on the topic of Lumira and BW integration. I anticipate this blog will