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This is the 3rd Chapter of the GLADIUS series: One: Introducing: GLADIUS – A Test Unit Framework Two: GLADIUS – The Next Level Secrets Evolved In the first two parts I showed how to building up

this is the 2nd part of the GLADIUS-series. the first part is here: Introducing GLADIUS – A Test Unit Framework What Happened Before I will give you a short overview of the current progress of

In a project I made extensive use of inheritance of a super class. This super class holds all the standard functionality of objects. If a specific object needs to change the standard behaviour the method

One year ago, on June 10th 2017, Stefan Schmöcker and I presented GLADIUS on SAP Inside Track in Hamburg. GLADIUS The idea was to create a coding challenge platform like https://codewars.com or https://codefights.com. Only with

Ok. I admit, I chose Big Data only for you to click on my blog post… 😉 This article is not really about Big Data in its origin meaning. But the idea I would like

  I really love ABAP and the SAP ecosystem. You cannot say that it will be boring some day… I do not understand the SAP ecosystem at all. Although I am in touch with SAP

Current topic in my working life is refactoring. I try to find methods and patterns on how to design programs better just from the start. And I try to find ways to solve general refactoring

When editing an ALV-Grid you can send some messages to the user saying that he entered wrong data. Normally and mostly you will get a popup that displays the errors or warnings. This looks quite

If you want to provide a user the possibility to select multiple values from a list then you normally have – in other programming languages – a control containing items an the possibiity to mark

Some of you know me as an SAP programmer and ABAP nerd. Most german colleagues know my german blog tricktresor.de which could be translated like “tricksafe” (a security container to store very important tricks in).