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To bring some colour into SAP transactions I like to use Icons. I also think that Icons help to recognize faster what kind of data is displayed. Using different icons for different status help to

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about one of my favorite learning projects that taught me a lot about GUI programming: guidrasil Today I would like to explain some of the techniques

The last weeks I realized that the SAPGUI will come to an end. That makes me pretty sad. But I think the new technologies and Cloud applications will conquer the SAP planet. So I decided

Today I found an application where I was stunned for a moment. via GIPHY This: It took some seconds and investigation before I found out how this icon could be set at this position of

In a recent twitter “conversation” I asked for common programming mistakes. One answer I got was: Any use of ABAP presentation layer, ALV etc. in custom development. Deprecated technology that will make migration to public

This is the 3rd Chapter of the GLADIUS series: One: Introducing: GLADIUS – A Test Unit Framework Two: GLADIUS – The Next Level Secrets Evolved In the first two parts I showed how to building up

this is the 2nd part of the GLADIUS-series. the first part is here: Introducing GLADIUS – A Test Unit Framework What Happened Before I will give you a short overview of the current progress of

In a project I made extensive use of inheritance of a super class. This super class holds all the standard functionality of objects. If a specific object needs to change the standard behaviour the method

One year ago, on June 10th 2017, Stefan Schmöcker and I presented GLADIUS on SAP Inside Track in Hamburg. GLADIUS The idea was to create a coding challenge platform like https://codewars.com or https://codefights.com. Only with

Ok. I admit, I chose Big Data only for you to click on my blog post… 😉 This article is not really about Big Data in its origin meaning. But the idea I would like