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Update 3 Oct 2018: Added Excel converters   Introduction If you have worked on SAP PI over the past few years, there is a possibility that you may have come across FormatConversionBean – One Bean to

Introduction While working on CPI developments, you would inevitably have come across Camel’s Simple Expression Language. Whether you use it consciously or not, its presence is pervasive in most CPI integration flows, within elements like

Introduction As with any programming language, the aim is to always modularise the code so that it can be “written once, and used in many places”. This is no different in CPI where one of

Once you start developing more complex integration scenarios in CPI, it is likely that you may come across some unexpected behaviors. Once such recent experience was related to the usage of message header/property in a

Introduction Back in last October, I hosted a webinar session as part of the 24-Hour Mentor Magic Marathon. The recording for the session was supposed to be made publicly available, but unfortunately it is not

It all started with a basic (yet very important) question:- Do you test your Groovy scripts? Or more accurately, How do you test your Groovy scripts? Because if(!software.isTestable()) { software = null; }   WebUI,

Stop testing your interfaces Fellow Mentor Michal Krawczyk hosted networking sessions Stop testing your interface scenarios – you’re not doing it anyway right at TechEd last year to discuss about interface testing. The premise is

Update 9 Jan 2018: Finally, after much lobbying, SAP included this in the roapmap! Yay! Check it out at SAP Product Roadmaps.   Update 25 Aug 2017: Added one more section at the end with a

Introduction We recently upgraded our PI 7.4 systems to SPS 15. Nothing really fancy in terms of features since SAP development in the PI space has pretty much come to a standstill these days. However,

Introduction We recently had a requirement for integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. After the initial assessment, it became clear that the integration would be challenging as it requires certain functionality that is not available