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Enakshi Singh

Healthcare organizations are embracing breakthrough technology and digitization that will drive down costs, change care delivery, and personalize the patient experience. For decades, doctors have painstakingly recorded patient data on dead trees, writing down every

Big Data and analytics, cloud, and security are poised for broader adoption, along with emerging technologies such as machine learning, robotics, and virtual reality The adoption of breakthrough digital technologies is having an impact on

The enormous cost associated with drug development is one of the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers. With an estimated cost of $2.6 billion and more than 10 years (1) to develop and test a drug

A trial version of the SAP Connected Health platform and Medical Research Insights application (CHP 1.0 and MRI 2.0) is now available at the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The trial system is perfect for interested

Stanford School of Medicine has been hosting the Big Data in Biomedicine conference for the last four years. This year’s conference tagline was “Enabling Precision Health” with an impressive list of speakers representing academia, industry