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Emanuel Affatati

Hi S/4Hana community, This time I am going to talk about KPIs, evaluation and tiles. It’s been very hard to me to find some good information about how to create Tiles for the existing analytical

Hi ASE community, This time, I am going to write about how to configure the Squirrel database manager for using it with an SAP ASE database. First of all, let’s see what is squirrel for

This is a short introduction to understand what is the meaning of Omnichannel, which are the differences between an omnichannel and a multi-channel business model, and lastly a brief summary about the SAP Omnichannel banking

Well folks, this is the second and last part of this tutorial. We are now going to see how to activate the omnichannel features in the SAP Mobile Platform. List of steps: 1) First, we

Hello Omnichannel consultants, In these days,  there were many questions about how to install Omnichannel Banking 8.3, so the aim of this post is to give a detail step byt step on how to achieve

Hi All, The objective of this post is to explain all the methods that are available for registering a device in the SAP Mobile Platform using android programming. I thought this was an important topic

SMP Environments: Hi all, This is my first post, and I am going to share some tips I hope it will be very useful for all who have to decide how to install the SMP