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I recently had the pleasure of escaping the cold north and enjoying a week’s vacation on a Caribbean cruise. Perhaps it is telling that I specifically chose a cruise as a way to force myself

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where food and family comes together. Traditionally I share a pudding recipe with you and this time it’s a modern version of the classic tiramisu. Ingredients (4

Since a couple of months I’m into geocaching. Geo what? Well Wikipedia says about geocaching the following: Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or

As you know, I’m currently covering SAPPHIRE as a blogger. But as a BI person, I’m also  interested in what would be said about BO and how existent BI (Bex) users should look at it. 

I’m currently at SAPPHIRE – a SAP conference  ‘where senior executives, business managers, and decision-makers can come together to explore how innovative business solutions foster long-term, profitable growth’ –  covering things as a blogger. I

I don’t know what instructions SAP is giving to their employees but they are surely damaging the SCN blogging system when they continue in such way. Here’s a list of todays blogs: How to correct

I was rather thrilled when I saw a Business Objects for Higher Educationappear in my RSS reader about Business Objects within the Higher Education market since these are two areas where I’m active in. Sadly

For some reason, the ability to use the Soundex algorithm during SQL queries in SAP is little known (see also this, rather basic, help page). It seems that SAP doesn’t want us to know that

Some while ago, a debate started on Twitter concerning recycling. Since Twitter is a bit narrow to elaborate on things, James Governor a.k.a. Greenmonk came up with the excellent idea to create a wiki page

I’ve told in the ‘A Aventura Calculada’ blog that we, as the environmental advisory body in my town, should do some CO2 compensation for our meetings. I’ll elaborate in this blog on how we calculated