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Accounts payable has come a long way. As organizations large and small embrace technology to digitize their processes, the function is making significant progress in transforming from a back office task focused on short-term efficiencies

With an increasing sense of urgency, companies are automating the invoice management process. But many are simply passing bad invoices faster. A new breed of cloud-based solutions ensures that only the good ones get through

To compete in a global economy, organizations must work efficiently, maintain financial visibility and control, and use information wisely to seize opportunities and create value. These are all areas where finance operations can have a

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Def.): One thing (usually destructive or with ill intent) disguised as something innocuous or even beneficial. This widely known saying has been around since biblical

An effective and efficient finance operations function is central to the smooth functioning of a company. Accounts payable and receivable, working capital, supplier management, expense management, and compliance all need to be harmonized and seamless

For quite some time, CFO Publishing has been documenting an expanding role for finance at companies around the world. Finance functions have been building a reputation as full business and strategic partners, providing insight along

Improvement for improvement’s sake may be a noble ideal, but that’s not what’s driving the desire to make the most out of finance operations—the slew of activities coming under finance’s umbrella that make the company

How can you help your company transform it’s finance functions from back office paper pushers to strategic contributors? If you are headed to SAPPHIRE NOW next week and are interested finding the answer to that

ApplePay.  SamsungPay. Facebook payments.  Google Wallet (2.0?).  Micro Payments….the list goes on! I’ve written about it before, but the drumbeat of new, innovative payment methods for consumers continues its consistent cadence.   Until recently however, B2B

As technologies have emerged to make paying for things electronically more convenient, easy and secure, consumers are ditching their wallets and checkbooks in favor of mobile devices that now function as virtual payment portals. As