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Dragos Mihai Florescu

As of now, all the List and Tree UIBBs that I know in SAP TM are configured to derive their height from the number of rows that we explicitly specify in the UIBB configuration. The

As everyone familiar with SAP TM knows, our UIs “remember” (using implicit WD personalization) the expand/collapse state of individual panels, as well as the last visited assignment block in a stack. In the screenshot below

After covering the oddity of quantity display (more precisely, the selective enforcement of CUNI settings), it’s time I told the story of an even stranger and more eccentric behaviour at SAP. While having a glance

Let’s have a look (and wonder) at the various ways in which quantities are displayed across various SAP TM screens, with respect to decimals places. Start with the item list in Forwarding Order UI… …

With product release 9.3, some SAP TM screens were modified. Instead of using the standard integration engine (FBI – Floorplan Manager – BOPF Integration), they now employ a TM specific implemenation called TBI (or Trabi,

Some lists and hierarchies in SAP TM UIs have many columns – to accommodate more common used scenarios. The drawback is: for a certain scenario, there are too many irrelevant columns (I say “too many”,

Test determination is a feature that allows filling automatically Text Collection of SAP TM documents with, well, texts. For instance, in Air Freight scenarios, the texts for Nature of Goods are quite standardized and can

Once in a while I receive questions about an error message “Failed to resolve Object Based Navigation target” that appears when when the user clicks on hyperlinks in SAP TM screns. Let’s have a look

The authorization check in SAP TM is modeled by default to the document level. If a certain user is authorized to modify a certain document, all data can be modified. Sometimes there are requirements for

One of the most common problems when dealing with SAP TM UIs is how to determine which is coding that runs behind a certain screen or screen area (here the famous /h from Dynpro is