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We are one month away from Election Day and the ‘outcome’ of the US Presidential race. November 8th will deliver a conclusion to the most dominant and disruptive (and many would say entertaining) conversation of

Digital Transformation. It’s today’s most discussed business topic. Everyday you read expert call-to-actions telling CIOs and other LOB executives that they can, and should, proactively shape their firm’s strategy to both improve customer value and

The holiday season is here and SAP customers and prospects heading to New York City on December 3rd should certainly expect magic in the air – but not just from the splendor of the season.

There are many recent studies that suggest top executives – especially CEOs – are shifting more and more toward digital business requirements – and a strong focus on embedding technology in the real world (or

Let me start this blog with a question: Do experts recommend we drink eight (8) glasses of water a day? Yes or no? The answer is ‘no’ – there isn’t (and never has been) any

Now there’s a headline worthy of discussion. 75%? But is it something that should surprise us? I took that stat from a Forbes article in which the author, John Hall, argues: “when was the last

I don’t mean to over-simplify this example, but when an 81-year-old NHL hockey pundit in Canada can literally change the outcome of the starting lineup of (US dominated) Major League Baseball’s All-Star game, you can

While many businesses continue to experiment with delivering audience context over social media, a Toronto-area student has just offered another great example of the power that social media has to drive messaging, build community and

I think I know my audience. I’m confident that you were compelled to open this blog by one of two words: Beer or Content. So, I won’t let you down on either front. Let’s start

I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest I’ve been pining for the good ol’ days of marketing…but I do think that after 25 years we are about to move back in that direction. Here’s