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Blue, green or orange “Submit” button will be better? Using the Feature Flags service, you can test the acceptance of different colors directly in the productive environment with some pilot users. Тhen release the button

Innovation and new features roll-out is now easier when you use the Feature Flags service of the SAP Cloud Platform. With this new service, you can simply switch “ON” and “OFF” your newly developed capabilities

We announced today, September 15th, 2016 the release of  the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning – a new service in the SAP Cloud Platform family that will help companies to push their technology easier into

The new technologies offer better control over the real-time business data of the company. SAP customers already run a broad range of cloud solutions that help them to sell better, control easier their stock and

How to protect your AS JAVA application with Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) based on Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) Goal: You want to improve the security for an application running on AS Java server using а simple 2FA

Digital signatures are considered one of the key security aspects, next to the data encryption, single sign-on technologies and strong authentication mechanisms, like two-factor authentication, risk-based authentication and dynamic authorizations. Digital signature ensures that the

What to consider when implementing Kerberos/SPNego scenario for SAP AS ABAP using SAP Single Sign-On product in a Multi Domain environment. Windows domain and forest containers are used to meet different authentication and authorization requirements

Understanding simple Risk-based authentication scenarios and how to implement them easily using sample JavaScript. By Dimitar Mihaylov and Donka Dimitrova In this blog we would like to offer several simple scenarios for risk-based authentication using

How to “exchange” a SAML assertion for an X.509 client certificate and to implement end-to-end single sign-on also for non-SAML systems in a SAML enabled network. If SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is the single

Your company is using Secure Login Server (SAP Single Sign-On) for issuing short lived X.509 client certificates for authentication to the SAP and non-SAP business systems across your landscape. Your company is also using Microsoft