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Domingos Rodrigues

The Tax Gap is one of the main focuses for any Tax Agency meaning that actual revenue collected in comparison to what is expected, if all tax obligations would be fulfilled as per current legislation,

Will traditional self-declaration approach on taxes like VAT/GST die soon? In a digital age where everyone and everything is connected and information is shared on almost all our interactions and decisions, how can this be

In my last blogs “E PLURIBUS UNUM” – A Government Transformation Journey and ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL – Share Service Center approach, I spoke about digital transformation process within the context of

  On my last blog – “E PLURIBUS UNUM – A Government Transformation Journey“, I mention within the context of Government Transformation several aspects and ways to approach that journey. As promised, I am now

  Allow me to use the motto “E pluribus unum” to support my topic today about the Government transformation process in the present age. The meaning behind the motto was, probably, one of the reasons