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Introduction ABAP CDS views allow us to build very nice and structured applications for any solution or UI. This blog is about how to build a very nice, simple and really fast WebUI application for

Hello All, Nowadays it’s getting more and more popular to use custom-developed virtual database table fields. However we all know that such fields should not be used for the searches (or joins) for performance reasons. In

I have already briefly mentioned asynchronous rendering of the tables here: Parallelization in Web UI – Part 2 Since then I have simplified a solution to a certain extent, but I forgot to make a

Hello, I would like to share the idea how you can manage or kill the session of your Soft State OData Service. For more information regarding Soft State Support for OData Services look here: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_gateway20sp09/helpdata/en/f6/5f8e5318e83d27e10000000a44538d/content.htm

Story: Recently I was busy with writing some HP LoadRunner scripts for WebUI. Having no practical experience and being actually a dummy in HP LR in general, I trained myself based on the multiple videos

Hello,   Today I want to share with you one more example of AJAX implementation in WebUI. Particularly this is about how can we improve the usability and the business process performance by implementing asynchronous

Asynchronous Saved Search Fetch I have noticed it could be a nice implementation variant for AJAX queries in WebUI. Everyone has it’s own saved search and everyone would like to know how many items are

    Update view fields via AJAX call Use Case When doing some applications one may need to update certain fields on the screen without calling a back-end. In this case, the use of AJAX

Parallelization in Web UI PART 3   AJAX (… continued) Limits of a stateful application Now let us place two samples from above onto the same page: You will notice down that the response time

Parallelization in Web UI Part2 4.     AJAX   Concept AJAX (short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a set of web development techniques utilizing many web technologies used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web