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Hi Designers, after nearly a year of Holiday from PD i am back to the world of PD Problems: Using PD i need to reverse engineer  a ASE database But surprise ! Oldest

most of the PD-Objectmodel consists of ObjectBag wich are not really powerful when it comes to search objects. Here is some Example Code how you can speed up the search of objects of an EAM

Hello Readers, its time to report this one, because it starts to s… Version EBF13 on Windows XP and Win7 DBS: Db10mvs As you can see on pic1 there is a table change which

Dear Readers, this article is Related to PD 16.1.0, i had no chance to test it on higher versions and maybe the usecase i describe is already implemented in higher versions. i had the Problem

Dear Reader, sorry for the late continue of this series, but there has been a month holiday in which i wrote my diploma and already a hard month of work after that. As told you

Backslash used in domain user account (DOMAIN\USER) is missing in GRANT statements. see http://scn.sap.com/community/sybase-powerdesigner/blog/2013/11/28/series-mssql-server-reverse-engineering-part1 for the solution until CR# 752095 is solved by SAP Short description user in grantstatement generated wrong Version PowerDesigner 16.1 EBF

Dear Reader, in the last time i had to do a lot with reverse MSQL2008 databases and we found a couple of bugs, when reversing thru ODBC. In this series i will share them all,

As the last part of this series we just wanna see that everything is working as expected: Remember the Excel file from the first part (Using the Excel_Import.xem )? It had a second sheet: Step

Have you ever tried to import different columns of an Excel sheet into 1 attribute? Usecase: your boss wants you not to loose any information imported from the BA-Excelsheet, but not all columns fit to

Instead of writing my VB code for every different excel sheet and/or model type… … i recently started using the XEM Excel_Import! Lets give it a closer look about the whys and specially about the