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One principle of Continuous Delivery which is often quoted is: “Everything is code“. “Everything…” wants to tell us that we should not only focus on our application code but also on things like configuration, build

I’m heading the technical operations of TwoGo by SAP, our cloud based ride sharing app, which got to be the first SAP cloud service which delivers software changes on a daily basis into its productive

Since we (TwoGo by SAP) are the first SAP cloud service to deliver daily using DevOps and Continuous Delivery techniques, I’m doing a lot of internal and external presentations on DevOps in large enterprises, development

Lets talk about Jenkins CI and Infrastructure as code. I recently discovered a very nice Jenkins plugin called SCM Sync Configuration, which takes your Jenkins configuration (all the XML files under $JENKINS_HOME) incl. all your

SAP News just published an article about the daily deliveries we do at TwoGo by SAP. Here’s the english version: http://www.news-sap.com/cloud-daily-software-updates/ (german version also available: http://de.news-sap.com/2015/02/18/fit-fur-die-cloud/)

As Continuous Delivery and DevOps are making it more and more into the core of SAP, I thought it’s about time to ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to terminology. Especially

Many start-up companies in the cloud use software engineering methods like continuous delivery or DevOps right from the first line of code they produce. By using such methods high software quality can be ensured while

As described in How to set up Generic Workflow Handling in Alloy, sometimes it might be necessary to add a bit more generic to the delivered Alloy workflow forms, in order to save implementation efforts.One

!https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/972/sidebarCustomized.jpg|height=466|alt=Alloy sidebar in action|align=left|width=262|src=https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/972/sidebarCustomized.jpg|border=0!Most probably you already know that the context related Alloy sidebar holds further information for you depending on the document you’ve currently opened. But the data there seems to be static and

Alloy uses several queues (on both sides SAP and IBM) to guarantee message delivery. However some of those queues have a scheduled job that monitors and processes items from within the queue at certain time