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Many of you are already familiar with the landscape deployment recommendations SAP has been published for various products since quite a while. These recommendations rate different options how to deploy products in a system landscape

Content The solution approach outlined in part 2 of my blog does not help without any content. So it is about creating useful information artifacts that help customers in taking the right decisions about the

Let us have a closer look now, how the expectations raised in the first part of my blog could be met. The following picture illustrates an information structure that reflects the different views of stakeholders

Concerned about increasing landscape complexity ?Facing challenges when implementing new innovation within you SAP Business Suite system landscape ?Uncertain about version dependencies when updating parts of your system landscape ? If your answer to one

Introduction:      SAP NetWeaver supports a high level of flexibility, how to deploy main SAP NetWeaver capabilities within a system landscape. In the past SAP mainly just described the variability of those different deployment