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The industrial manufacturing industry is in the turmoil, driven by business pressure, market trends and new technologies. This blog describes the anticipated top trends that will affect industrial machinery and components (IM&C) companies between now

With the consumerization of B2B sales in industrial manufacturing, configuration is getting significantly more important for customer-facing sales processes, and an omni-channel configuration experience is an imperative!     Configuration for Front-Line Sales Reps in

  Pay-per-Use for machines and equipment (EaaS, Equipment-as-a-Service) has been a successful business model in different industries, mostly known for office equipment such as printers and copier machines, medical equipment and jet engines. EaaS frontrunners

. Your customers have changed. Have you?     Digitization and customer centricity are two hot topics for industrial manufactures that are mentioned in most annual reports of companies producing and selling machinery and equipment.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein Making it simpler for the customer is one of the key objectives of public cloud solutions vendors. Discrete Manufacturing Industries companies across the

50+% of CRM will be deployed as SaaS by 2015. We anticipate that SaaS deployments of CRM will reach a maximum of 80% to 85% by 2025. – Gartner (Source: The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide,